One Lexington

1 E Lexington Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85012

Unit 403
Enter the Parking Garage on 1st Place or on the EAST side parking garage entrance. If you enter on the NORTH side off of Lexington you’ll need a coin to get out. The EAST entrance is for residence and you’ll need the KEY FOB to get the rolling gate to open.  If you see an ARM that goes up, you’re in the wrong spot, drive around to the roll-up gate entrance.
Once in, head to the 3rd floor of the parking garage. I’m got space 318. Sort of weird but when you enter the building, you’ll be on the 2nd floor….even though it’s the parking garage 3rd floor.
In The Building
Once in, head to the elevators, you’ll need the KEY FOB to get the 4th-floor button to engage. Wave the FOB over the black FOB Box by the keys and then push 4. You’ll need the FOB to go anywhere other than the bottom floor. Maybe have Sophie walk you out so she’ll have the ability to travel around.
If You Don’t Have A Key and Need To Go To The Front Desk
I have a key reserved at the front desk and with a call/email, they will give you a key and an extra FOB to get you parked and up to the condo.
You can double park on Lexington, ring the bell and she can meet you in the lobby. Leave the key with the lobby attendant on your way out.
2nd floor is exercise, pool on the bottom.
In The Condo
The TV works on Netflix and Amazon Prime. Turn it on and hit the button on the remote to launch.
There is extra bedding in the closets and pillows galore.  Turn off the lights and the AC/Heat when you leave.
Food, soda, coffee, water whatever is all yours.
Where To Eat
A couple spots- Pane Bianco down Central on the light Rail
Gadzooks – Osborne and 7th St. – AMAZING
Ocotillo Restaurant, about a block east, good food and eclectic. Pricy
Starbuck is across the street
Jack in the Box is right next door. If you’re desperate