Small Business Giving Up

On a national level and locally in Tucson and Pima County the small business owners are struggling more and more lately to make all the ends meet. The banks aren’t lending, the customers aren’t spending and times are difficult. It’s time to realize that small business makes the community go around and we must support our small business owners.

Anita Street Market Interview

Wake Up Tucson spends a lot of time discussing the amazing stories of the small business owners that make up the fabric of Tucson. Many local restaurants are spots you stop in order some tortillas and go about your day. We want to bring to the story behind the menu. We want you to know the struggles and joys of the family run business.

The Anita Street Market is another in a series of restaurant stories that we want to share with you. Anita’s is a family market, store and restaurant that has three generations of Soto family members working day in and day out to serve us Tucsonans. List to Gracie Soto and the story of her grandparents.

Eat and shop local folks.