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Ethos Logos Partners – Classical Education Platform

For the past few years, I’ve been leading a team that is building out an educational model that will change the country. Big statement, big goal, and timing are now. We are at a pivotal inflection point in history, a Gutenberg moment. In a similar time and occurrence to the pre-Renaissance dark ages, information availability […]

The Future – Deep Thoughts on the ‘WHY?’ of the Human Condition

The Future Battery Technology Major breakthroughs in battery technology will change the world as we know it. From electric cars to your cell phone, the limits of lithium-ion batteries have stalled out the ability to truly move away from the combustible engine. I’m watching closely for a major breakthrough in battery technology. This may be the […]

History – Deep Thoughts on the ‘WHY?’ of the Human Condition

History Does history repeat itself?  Kitty Werthmann has an amazing story about her early life in Nazi Germany. I’ve been really keying in on the Revolutionary War in America. The characters, the stories and the events that lead up to the Declaration of Independence are fascinating to study.  The balance of power, the upper and […]

Economics – Deep Thoughts on the ‘WHY?’ of the Human Condition

 Economics I love economics and how economic theories have advanced and declined over the generations. Perhaps one of my favorite communicators on an economic theory I subscribe to is Milton Friedman.  Friedman’s 10 part series that that played a few decades ago.  In the series, he weaves stories and is faced by a panel of […]