Priceline meets medicine.  The business model for is simple, connect medical consumers with medical providers through a virtual, cloud based, network and allow both sides to arrive at a fair price.  With all the moving parts and constantly changing insurance terms it’s clear  that timing is right for a service like CashMedicalCare. CashMedicalCare puts pricing information in patients hands. Remember, with higher deductibles and higher co-pays being charged for your care, you are already experiencing the pain of out of pocket medical expenses.

Before you blindly go where your insurance company or government agency tells you to go, shop around!  Health care choices should be between Patient and Doctor.

Just like Priceline revolutionized the hotel, airline and rental car booking market,CashMedicalCare is working to bring consumers and vendors together in a competitive marketplace.  If you are a testing lab with a $2 million state of the art MRI machine,  it’s in your interest to keep the machine running.  Just like a hotel room, once a reservation has gone unfilled all the revenue goes un-captured.  What CashMedicalCare does is act as a clearing house for surgeons, medical labs, CT Scanners and Dentists to offer their unused pricing at a discount.  You are and the medical/dental provider at winners.

Joe helped draft and push through a series of bills through the Arizona Legislature that would increase price transparency within the medical industry. Even with opposition from the insurance and hospital industry the Price Transparency Bill, SB1387 was championed by Senator Nancy Barto and signed into law by Governor Jan Brewer in 2012.  See the Forbes article on the Barto bill and transparency.