The Power of Truth – When In Fear…Speak The Truth

On a 10 hour trip back from vacation, I dug into deep and obscure Jordan Peterson interviews.  This one sums up his 5 main points of his books and message. Jump past the analysis of his Channel 4 Interview and you’ll hear the interviewer summarize Peterson’s 5 repeated theories.

Here’s an 8-minute clip of the 2-hour interview that will give you a taste of his technique of tieing together history, psychology, sociology, and neuroscience to deliver a message.  The power of telling the truth when faced with adversity is explained in this clip.  The truth will set you free.  “Life without truth is hell”


To understand Peterson’s message, this clip of his 13 Truths;

  1. Encourage people, they are hungry for encouragement.
  2. Everyone matters – society functions – that’s true
  3. Take responsibility for failure – Failure to act is the most catastrophic – take the risk or it continues to grow
  4. You’re a mess, but you don’t have to stay that way –
  5. Do Not Cast Pearls Before Swine – if people aren’t listening to you, stop talking.
  6. We all have chaos, the hero has to be a controlled and flawed monster that is aware. Jung’s Shadow Theory
  7. Goals, what to do if you don’t know where to go?  Clean up your room – Fix things that need order…we are wired towards order and need to distinguish between chaos and order.
  8. You must have meaning or purpose in your life. The more important the goal the more life-affirming your reward! Go big and fill your cup.
  9. Treat yourself like you matter. Treat other people like they matter (or else you lie, cheat steal, end up in bad relationships). Everyone matters
  10. Make a schedule and stick to it.
  11. What you want may not be good for you.  You have to figure out what your goal is…you have to aim, adjust and tact….then you have to try!
  12. Stop doing the things that you are doing that aren’t in your best interest.  If it’s self-evident that it’s bad, stop. Discipline, secondary payoffs, anger/fear all stop you but go small at first.
  13. Conscientiousness – orderly and industriousness.  Industriousness (Grit) is the most important factor of success. Set goals that you value and