The Philosophy of Nietzsche

The more I dig into this man’s ideas the more conflicted I am of his importance. Like anyone’s work, there is good and bad. His ideas made an impact. His ideas were controversial. His ideas were misinterpreted. His ideas were put forth at a time in the world where science and reason were challenging old held beliefs about religion.

To understand Nietzsche you have to understand the context of when he was writing his books. Clearly he was a genius and when he finally slipped into madness and spent the last 10 years of his life incomprehensible, you wonder if he flew too close to the sun.
Check out this entire documentary on Netflix – Genius of the Modern World

For some fun, check out Akira the Don mixing Jordan Peterson reciting Nietzsche’s poem, The Tarantula. The mix is about the slide towards equality above all else. Spooky!