The Mark of a Great Father and a Great Leader

This was sent from a good friend of mine. The question to me, from him, was;

What is our (mine and his, we work together) legacy?

What do we stand for?

How will we be remembered?

How do we choose to spend our time?

What is our investment in our families?

What will people say about us when we are gone?

May I stand by my convictions, even when no one else is looking…

May I be the defender of the weak….

May I have a zest for life and the first one to laugh and the last one to stop laughing….

May I be an advisor, mentor, friend, shoulder, and encourager to those in my life and those strangers that cross my path….

May I always do the right thing…

May I seek the truth….

May I live courageously….

May I leave a legacy.


Learn More About Colson;

I’m complaining an essay on the 7 Deadly Sins, and how they reside in each of us.  Here’s a short clip from Colson, reflecting on the sin of pride.  Colson was a Marine, lived a life of integrity, took steps to keep himself from conflicts of interest.  He lived an honest life, the modeled the puritan work ethic.

The powerful quote is ‘you can be so self-righteous that you don’t see what’s going on…..’ and  ‘the human beings have the infinite ability to rationalization.’


Chuck on where we are at…..ethics and morality in society;

Good True and Beautiful vs Opinion

How Did We Get Here? Over time, the Christian moral foundations that allow you to make these judgments have deteriorated.  Why are we surprised?