Slay The Dragon and Be The Hero!

The archetypal story about the fight for good through order an chaos shows up in stories throughout history. Jonah and Jobe in the Bible to Star Wars, Game of Thrones and Harry Potter are all stories with an arch about mothers/fathers and good/evil and order/chaos.  Smooth sailing life doesn’t always happen, when the first roadblock hits, if you haven’t been sharpened by prior battles you could crumble.

I look back at my life experiences and I’ve lived a number of highs but it’s the massive lows that have sharpened me.  Once I’ve survived chaos/evil and conquered the dragon in front of me, the next dragon had better get ready because I sure am. The battles that can destroy us are the scariest and most fulfilling to conquer.  These stories are the hero’s journey.  Be a hero, rise to the occasion, live the dance between order and chaos. SLAY THE DRAGON and BE THE HERO!

Choas will happen, learn the skills to reorder your life to a better order.