Russel Brand Podcast – What Is Utopia – Candice Owen

Spend a couple of hours on this podcast and you won’t be disappointed. The banter and ability for Brand and Owen to articulate their belief systems individual impressively. Note the pace, the quickness of the back and forth and the use of logical fallacies in their back and forth.

What is Utopia? Is it Brands vision of small communities and love and understanding or is it Owen’s belief that deep down humans are bad and unchecked we devolve into dark places. Is it love or individidual liberty. This one made me think.

An explosive conversation with controversial conservative thinker Candace Owen – a staunch advocate for the free market, capitalism and Donald Trump. Listen to some heated debates about the pros and cons of the left and the right and an attempt at negotiating what utopia might look like!

HERE is the SHOW