Pride and Wrath – Story In The News That Makes My 7 Deadly Sins Theory.

So my theory on the 7 Deadly Sins and how they creep into peoples lives is an ongoing set of ideas and examples that make my case.  Today’s installment that sharing ks a person of authority displaying one or more of the 7 Deadly Sins in their full glory.  Here’s a former Clinton Ethics official and current Commissioner of the Port Authority for New Jersey.  She’s apparently a pretty big deal in the police world and isn’t afraid to drop some names.


There is a definite tone which essentially exemplifies the “Do you know who I am?”.  This is someone who’s had power and prestige for a long time.

The irony of the Ethics authority using her title and position to influence a traffic ticket.


According to a police report from March 31, 2018, Turner’s daughter had been pulled over on Route 9W by Tenafly, N.J., police, but allegedly could not provide proof of insurance or registration. So Turner was called to the scene to help resolve the matter, reported.

Police video then shows Turner demanding to know what was going on, and brandishing her credentials as a Port Authority commissioner.   “I need to know,” Turner repeatedly tells the officers, demanding information about the traffic stop, according to Fox News. 

The police officers then inform Turner that they are not under any legal obligations to reveal any information to her because her daughter and the passengers in the car are all over the age of 18. Turner appears to grow increasingly frustrated, and demands that the officers refer to her as “Commissioner” rather than “Miss.”

In the police report about this incident, an officer writes that he advised Turner “to speak with the driver of the vehicle for more information,” based on the way she was “attempting to misappropriately use her professional position to gain authority in this situation.”

When an officer attempts to end the conversation, Turner says:

You may not tell me when to take my child. You may shut the f— up!”

Allegations of a code of ethics violation prompted the Port Authority’s inspector to investigate. Turner resigned after learning of the investigation, the Port Authority said in a statement Monday. A spokesman for the Port Authority called Turner’s actions “indefensible,” and Turner has refused to comment about her resignation.