Next Financial Crisis – DAVOS Panel Discussion

YouTube – HERE

This forum, hosted by Bloomberg, is from the World Economic Forum at Davos. This forum is the GLOBALIST crowd which is in contrast to Trumps, Make America Great Again movement.

4:37 – What did we learn from the 2008 crash?

6:42 – We don’t have even a Plan A?

8:44 – Monetary Policy mixed up.  Banks are in better position than ever before.

25:10 – Heavy regulators on banks

28:36 – The great banking QE experiment – Markets reaction to tightening of interest rates

34:17 – Recessions will happen, buy low sell high….DUH

47:00 – Discussion on technology as disruptors and the markets

49:00 – Chinese regulator explains what the second largest economy in the world will do in a crisis…hint, don’t short China

52:30 – Increased interest rates mean a stock adjustment – China ‘interest rates are a risk and so is regulators’.  People are regulators.

101:00 – Europe

105:00 – How does China manage a problem

World Economic Forum panel discussion with some of the largest banks, economists, and regulators in the world.  This discussion is full of some great insights into where we are and what would happen if an economic crisis should (eventually will) happen.