Go Bill Go! Nukes That Work

I’m keeping an eye on nuclear power and stumbled on a story from Scientific America about Bill Gates efforts to solve energy demand with nuclear technology. What’s not to like about Bill Gates, he’s uber rich, he’s using his wealth to better mankind and he’s a big thinker.  I’ve watched his work in the charter school networks, his efforts to eradicate diseases and his recent purchase of land in Arizona to create the city of the future and I’m impressed with his big moves and thorough planning.  He see’s a big area that he can impact, he finds the smartest people in the field, he does his homework so he knows enough to lead the charge and he gets out of the way.  It’s pretty much how I try to manage my business, I’m not always successful but the formula has been working.

Here’s more from Scientific America on Terra Power.

I stumbled on Thorium (Sodium or salt) based nuclear reactors a few years back and I’m super excited by the tech. I believe that a combination of energy generation through these types of reactors and breakthroughs in energy storage (battery technology) will be the life-changing advancements that have the ability to change the world.  Just look to the wars for energy/oil and you’ll get the picture.