Enjoy The Moments

Former Massachusetts prosecutor, 63, dies after a crowbar crashes through his windshield and strikes him in the head

  • John F. Madaio, a 63-year-old attorney from Paxton, died at Harrington Hospital after the piercing object ‘was kicked up or fell from another vehicle’ on Route 9 


As I run across these types of stories it’s a reminder to enjoy the moments. Madaio seems like a great guy who lived a long life.  At 63, he had a lot of life left to live. He obviously educated himself, worked hard and distinguished himself in the courtroom. Who knows about family or if in fact, he lived a happy life.  I’m sure as John was driving down Route 9 at 10am he had no idea that his last moments on earth were upon him.

Am I living life like every moment counts? Can I look back and say I’ve laughed, loved, learned and experienced more joy than sorrow? Remember, the next time you’re down or feeling blue, at any moment a crowbar can bounce off a truck and kill you instantly.