Carl Jung And Figuring Out Our Motivations

There are so many areas of Carl Jung’s work that I’m drawn to. You’ve heard the name but I encourage you to dig into the man and his work.  His life’s work was about the inner psyche of each of us and how it shows up, what happens when it’s broken and towards the end of his life, his work shifted to how entire societies can collectively work for good or turn to evil.  (Like Nazi Germany).

Jordan Peterson references Jung quite a bit so I thought it would be important to dig in.  On the journey, this summer, I read Gulag Archipelago and Ordinary Men. By looking at the extremes of what men are capable of it helps to understand what lies in each of us.  I find that the repeating of history, the dynamics in a business team and my ability to lead and motivate people all to share their roots in aspects of Jung’s work and my theories around the 7 Deadly Sins.

This is a great, long form, background on Jung. The last half hour is excellent. Dig into Jung, dig into your dreams and dig into your shadow.



Why does this happen in our modern day?

What would you do if this came to your hometown?

We all think that we’d be this guy and do the heroic thing….but would we?