Billy Graham 1969 – I’ve Really Come To Appreciate His Life’s Work

Who doesn’t know Billy Graham? I, of course, have heard of him but didn’t really know his impact until watching the Netflix series The Crown.  In the series, there is one episode that features Billy Graham and his interaction with the young Queen Elizabeth.  The Queen is the head of the Church of England and a spiritual leader in her own right.  Their interaction was powerful, and Graham’s influence on the world his prime…truly showed me the depth and breadth of his work.

Billy Graham is an Evangelical. He understands the nuances of the Bible and shows the humility for a man at the peak of power to remain humble and defer to the Word of God for all answers.

A great interview;

The million dollar question is at 5:02!
Listen to Graham’s answer…it ties into my 7 Deadly Sins argument.   “This is the only planet in rebellion to God.” FREE CHOICE

The negative influence of organized religion.

14:00 – This is a real Christian.

16:39 – It’s possible to have an intellectual understanding of Christianity and still not be a Christian…BOOM

20:35 – The spiritual barometer of the spirituality of the country –

23:52 – Catholics vs Protestants and the New Pope John

25:40 – I believe

31:14 – We could bring utopia except for Lust and Greed and Pride – 7 Deadly Sins

36:20 – Communism and the Bible – Future Plan

37:05 – Make a better pig pen or make a better man to get out of the pig pen!

38:47 – It’s not ethics…Buddhists have ethics…’s Man’s Need For Reconciliation (Cross and Communion)

41:39 – Billy Graham on abortion

48:27 – Billy Graham on the celebrity and his feelings about his role. HUMILITY – I am able to help many many people because I’m known, it’s also a hindrance.