A Journey To Second Path of Life – Male Rights of Initiation – Fr. Richard Rohr

I stumbled on an interview with Fr. Richard Rohr while he was out promoting one of his many books. His message resonated with me. This latest interview encapsulates Fr. Rohr’s life’s work around wounds men have to overcome to become full leaders in their families and communities. I see broken men every day around me and hope and pray they find their path forward to the second mountain in life. Give this a listen and think about your own journey (if you’re a man) or that of the men in your life.

Newman – Documentary

I highly recommend the documentary Newman. It came out in 2015 and covers an idea that is too good to be true. In the end, the story that had so much promise ends in tragedy. The story is about laser focus, commitment to a goal, fighting for what you know is right and overcoming your demons.